Outage Planning


The Outage Coordination Process is all about coordinating the availabilities as well as the unavailability and testing periods of all elements that interact with the interconnected electricity system, including Power Generating Modules, Demand Facilities and Grid Elements alike; and that have a significant impact on cross-border operation of the Transmission Systems.

Playing field of Power Generating Modules is more and more dispersed with a multitude of companies owning sometimes only one or a few of physical generation assets, rendering the planning of the Availability Statuses more complex, and making extensive coordination between parties a necessity.

A secure operation of the grid, hereby limiting the Constraints on renewable generation and market operation is only possible if the Availability Statuses are carefully coordinated. Both ensuring generation Adequacy and keeping the system within Operational Security Limits are crucial to avoid large-scale disturbances of the electricity system.

Specifically for the Network Codes, the Cross-Border issue arises. All involved parties are not located within the borders of one member state, but impact between parties located in multiple (two or even more) is present, especially for the Relevant Assets for which the Outage Coordination Process is established.