RSCIs are key actors in enabling TSO coordination in parts of continental Europe to tackle the new challenges in operational planning process. They already count several years of experience, cooperate with each other and are recognised as important contributors to the security of the overall network.

The RSCIs have been pioneered and developed pro-actively by TSOs. They offer regional coordination services and provide TSOs with an overview of electricity flows at European regional level to complement their own system data. This enables them to identify and manage potential threats to secure system operations arising from large-scale, regional power flows. RSCIs play an increasingly important support role for operators in the control centres, however, full decision making responsibility remains with the TSOs.

    Essential coordination functions will be organised by existing or new RSCIs. These functions are:

  • Improved Individual Grid Model / Common Grid Model Delivery

  • Coordinated Security Analysis (including Remedial Actions-related analysis)

  • Coordinated Capacity Calculation

  • Outage Planning Coordination

  • Short and Medium Term Adequacy Forecasts