SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, Mission, Vision

Vojvode Stepe 412, Belgrade

SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, Mission, Vision

Vojvode Stepe 412, 11000 Belgrade

COMPANY | Mission & Vision

Our mission

Founded as a regional company in 2015, SCC’s main objective is to fully develop necessary RSC services defined by ENTSO-E’s (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) Policy Paper “Future TSO Coordination for Europe” and by “Multilateral Agreement on Participation in Regional Security Coordination Initiatives” (RSCI MLA) in order to fulfil operational planning standards which are defined by European Network Codes/Guidelines (NC/GL). Together with other European RSCs and TSOs, SCC has signed and has to respect following agreements important for RSC services:

  • “Minimum Viable Solution Agreement for OPDE and ATOM” in order to gain access to Operational Planning Data Environment (OPDE), digital platform that connects different TSOs and RSCs to central elements and vice versa (all in order to support secure exchange of TSO data).
  • “RSC services Multilateral Agreement” which first phase is concerned with development and usage of common tools for STA and OPC processes on pan-European level;

RSCs and TSOs are partners and collaborators on the same task of ensuring the highest security of electricity supply standards in Europe. Besides that, RSCs are key actors for enabling TSOs’ coordination in Europe and should encourage mutual cooperation. Having this in mind, SCC tends to continually improve existing functionalities and to develop the new ones in order to fulfil its RSC service in an efficient way. Final goal of SCC is to achieve resources savings for TSOs and to increase quality of coordination among them, thus increasing system security.

Our vision

SCC’s vision is to enable safer and more secure transmission system operation in South East Europe (SEE) region, and to contribute to development of regional electricity market and its integration into pan-European electricity market.

SCC is modernly organised, efficient company, with applied advanced technologies and high-quality professional staff, that performs RSC services, instead of each individual TSO. In that manner, resource savings are achieved and quality of coordination is increased, which is in the spirit of modern European regulations in the field of electricity transmission.

SCC is one of six regional organisations (RSCs) of the ENTSO-E TSO members, among which there should be appropriate coordination and an approximate level of quality of services, whereby scope of services may vary depending on specific needs of individual regions, with obligation that all RSCs achieve the level of service quality defined in European NC/GL and ENTSO-E MLAs.

Dynamic business surroundings and constant development mainly caused by changes in European regulative and requirements for being included in ENTSO-E operational framework on the one side, and specificities of transmission systems and national electricity markets in SEE region on the other side, represent additional challenges for future development of SCC.