SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, ENAS

Vojvode Stepe 412, Belgrade

SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, ENAS

Vojvode Stepe 412, 11000 Belgrade


During 2016 Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) granted a donation to SCC for the project Technical assistance for South East European Regional Security Coordination Initiative - SEE RSCI. This project included technical assistance for improving RSC busines processes, upgrade of existing software used for providing RSC services to our users as well as development of new software tools, which included alignment of our operation tool with the RSC requirements defined by the Network codes/Guidelines and ENTSO-E MLAs. 

After successful tendering procedure, in 2018 Contract for development software and consulting services was signed between SCC and Schneider Electric DMS Novi Sad, thus starting ENAS (Electricity Network Analysing Software) project. With some delays due to unplanned complexity of the work, ENAS project was finalised in 2020. Main product of ENAS project is eTNA software tool.

Enterprise Transmission Network Analyzer (eTNA) is designed for the calculation of static load flow and contingency analyses, sensitivity analyses and power flow tracking, transmission capacity calculations (NTC-based, Flow-based), Congestion Forecast (DACF, D2CF, IDCF and SN), models’ validation and merging, conversion (UCTE/CIM(CGMES)/RAW), and for building and editing UCT/CGMES datasets and auxiliary files and lists. eTNA supports working with UCTE, CIM (CGMES) and RAW data formats. Internally, eTNA software is based on CGMES format, which means that each model is automatically converted into CGMES model when imported. Also, eTNA is server-based software, which has internal database for storing majority of results.