SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, Power flow indicators

Vojvode Stepe 412, Belgrade

SCC, RSC, SEE RSC, Belgrade, Serbia, Power flow indicators

Vojvode Stepe 412, 11000 Belgrade


SCC has performed the collection and computation of power transfer distribution factor (PTDF) flow indicators for years 2015, 2016 and 2017, according to agreement with ENTSO-E, for submission to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

The PTDF flow indicator is based on the European electricity market flow-based capacity allocation model. The indicator calculates PTDF flow deviations by comparing the cross-border flows resulting from capacity allocation process and measured physical flows on cross-border tie-lines.

In order to calculate Power Flow Indicators, cross border power flows were determined using Power Transfer Distribution Factors (PTDF) on several reference case common grid models. These calculated values were compared with metered cross border power flows, and their difference is represented as Power Flow Indicators. Metered cross border power flow values were taken from the “ENTSO-E RG CE Verification Platform - Vulcanus” database.

Calculation report also included graphical representation of PTDF values in a form of interactive map, which displays Power Transfer Distribution Factors on all available borders for selected source/sink pair for each of the reference common grid models that were used in calculation.

For the calculation of PTDF values SCC used the module “Power Transfer Distribution Factors/Max Flow (PTDF/MF)” of the TNA tool (developed by SE DMS/EKC).