Security Coordination Centre SCC Ltd. Belgrade

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Security Coordination Centre SCC Ltd. Belgrade

Vojvode Stepe 412, 11000 Belgrade

NEWS | Regional Coordination Conference

18. November 2022.

This year’s Regional Coordination Conference will take place on November 18 and will be hosted by SCC and SeleNe CC, in collaboration with ENTSO-E. 


How can we highlight new challenges for TSOs coordination? 

What lies behind success stories of new operational tools? 

What are the challenges and opportunities for the Regional Coordinators? 

Which sources of collaboration are needed to create a supporting pillar for further integration of regional and national electricity markets, under the light of the changes that the Clean Energy Package bring?


All these questions, and much more will be presented and discussed during the Conference. Key speakers from the EU institutions, the Regulators, the TSO community, the industry, markets society, coordination centers will join panels and interactive sessions allowing the audience to deep dive in the achievements and new challenges for Europe and SEE region.

More information will be regularly provided through the Conference website that will be available by the end of the August, where you will be able to register for the Conference.