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NEWS | End of TRINITY project

30. September 2023.

After four years of hard work, TRINITY project comes to an end. Final review meeting was held in Valencia on the 15th and 16th of November 2023 in front of European Commission reviewers.
Following successful identification and definition of use cases, requirements, assets and KPIs in WP2, TRINITY project developed four different products: 

• T-Market Coupling Framework (WP3),
• T-Sentinel Toolset (WP4),
• T-RES Control Center (WP5) and 
• T-Coordination Platform (WP6).

After development period (25 months), all products were deployment and demonstrated in last 22 months of the project. All these activities provided achievement of the initial TRINITY project goal – to develop a set of solutions to enhance cooperation among the transmission system operators of SEE in order to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, whilst promoting higher penetration of clean energies.
In conclusion, 20 different modules (presented on below figure), are successfully deployed in various TRINITY environments.

In parallel with deployment and demonstration of TRINITY solutions, impact assessment and replicability activities (WP8) are performed, together with dissemination, communication, exploitation and cooperation activities (WP9). All this work was monitored by project management within WP1.

SCC had great privilege and obligation for being WP7 leader during the deployment and demonstration activities of the project, for hosting environment of WP6 solutions, as well as for developing and demonstrating several use cases related with RCC tasks.