Security Coordination Centre SCC Ltd. Belgrade

Vojvode Stepe 412, Belgrade

Security Coordination Centre SCC Ltd. Belgrade

Vojvode Stepe 412, 11000 Belgrade

NEWS | Visit by TEİAŞ

21. September 2023.

In order to regularly exchange experiences and work on solving ongoing operational and technical problems, as well as discuss the next steps and improvements, SCC and TEİAŞ have held operational workshop for the second time this year. The previous workshop was held in TEİAŞ premises in Ankara in February. This time SCC had the honor to host engineers from TEİAŞ. Beside SCC’s and TEİAŞ engineers, experts from TÜBİTAK institute, who also participated in the workshop, contributed significantly to the discussion.

TEİAŞ is SCC’s service users with the largest power system. Meetings and workshops with TEİAŞ are always a source of interesting knowledge about power system operation bearing in mind the geography and other specificities of the Turkish power system. On the other hand, SCC’s engineers have established operational processes and integrated TEİAŞ into the full-service system of SCC as a completely equal member with other service users of SCC, regardless of the fact that currently TEİAŞ is not a full member of ENTSO-E. 

The two-day workshop was very successful and important for future operational task for both SCC and TEİAŞ. SCC continues to share experiences and works on improving quality and efficiency of its services. Operational workshops are one of the ways in which SCC carries out its mission. 

SCC tasks as the current RSC and future RCC company are dynamic and require continuous and dedicated work to establish a completely new way of functioning of the electric power system operation. SCC has and will have a very important role both in operational planning processes and in processes on other time horizons, even in close to real time power system operation. SCC is looking forward to organize new workshops with TEİAŞ and other service users and to establish such practice as regular.